Citizens in Kagera Region Encouraged to Increase Agricultural Production to Reach Industrial Market

Avitus Benedicto Kyaruzi, Kagera.
Citizens in Kagera region have been encouraged to work hard to grow the economy of individuals and the nation at large.

This was noted by the head of Biharamul District Ms Saada Malunde at the climax of the eight-day farmers' celebration and pastoralist held at the Kyakailabwa farms in Kangara.

Ms Saada said that in order to achieve an industrial economy, people must work hard including cultivating agricultural products, livestock as well as continuing to participate in the annual farmers' day celebrations.

For his part, Ngara district governor Kagera Lieutenant Kanaly Michael Mtenjele congratulated all the people who participated in the celebrations and asked them to increase production in the crop.

In line with this, Mr Mtenjele added that the education he received at this year's celebrations will be taken from his district to boost the economy of the community and the nation at large.

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