Farmers Should Focus on Irrigation Agriculture and Combat The Reliance-Based Concept


Farmers in the country have had to abandon rain-dependent agriculture and instead have to focus more on irrigation agriculture in order to ensure Harvest and improve productivity in the sector.

This was stated by the Singida Regional Commissioner DEC REHEMA NCHIMBI when he closed the peak of the 26th Farmers and Pastoral Zones [NANENANE] Exhibition held at Nzuguni Plots in Dodoma.

Dr Nchimbi, who was the official guest at the exhibition, said one of the biggest challenges facing farmers and pastoralists in the country is rain-dependent agriculture and should instead shift the focus and focus on irrigating agriculture while also emphasizing water harvesting. of rain.

Dr NCHIMBI said it was a disgrace to the provinces to complicate the existence of hunger while having enough land suitable for agriculture and livestock.

Dr Nchimbi reminded the issue of conservation and advised the forestry agency in Tanzania to stop the charcoal operation but also to distribute the bee hives for alternative activities.

He has also proposed the addition of two awards to next year's awards that are awarded to the best rainwater harvesters and the best livestock grazing farmers.

For his part, the Dodoma Regional Commissioner BINILITH MAHANES has asked farmers who gained expertise through the exhibition to apply it in practice.

Also acting chairman of the permanent parliamentary committee on agriculture, livestock and water, Singida North MP Justine Monko said the government's goal is to reduce the various costs facing farmers and herders in the country and if the parliament supports the decision.

The exhibition aims to be a world-class field for farmers and breeders to study with more than 20 companies, more than three hundred entrepreneurs, more than 35 government and private entities and the motto in 2019 is Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries for the country's economic growth. nationally taking place in Simiyu province

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