Fixed Waste Disposal

The government has called on all councils in the country, to set aside specific areas away from human settlements that would be used to build modern dumps to focus on environmental conservation.

The statement was made by Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President (Union and Environment) Hon. Mussa Sima immediately after visiting and inspecting the construction of a modern dump constructed in the Buhongwa area of ​​Mwanza.

He said the construction of the modern dump will help the Government's efforts to spend less on the purchase of medical equipment as the waste generated in the City of Mwanza will be dumped on time and will help eradicate diseases.

"You cannot separate the health from the environment, the project is so big and the way it is implemented we do not expect to see waste in the city. We expect to see all the waste coming here," said Sima.

"I urge other librarians who are implementing strategic projects to give priority to the construction of modern dumps."

Mwanza City Manager Hormone Kibamba said the dump is 34 hectares and is expected to be completed by December this year and currently 78 percent of the construction cost Shs 16.6 billion, corresponding to road construction.

"The dump will have six sewage chambers and sewage drains, modern 1.9 km long roads, solar lamps and a specialized sewage laboratory" Kibamba said

The completion of the modern dump will be able to dispose of waste as soon as it is delivered to the area and, in turn, will increase revenue in the city

According to Kibamba, 33 to 36 tons is expected to be dumped into the dump once construction is completed and is expected to last for more than 15 years

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