Government Plans to Increase Cooperation With Private Sector

By Mathias Canal, Ministry of Agriculture-Dar es Salaam
The government has stated that it plans to increase cooperation with the private sector in ensuring that barriers and obstacles are removed to create a better business environment and to attract domestic and foreign investment.

Agriculture Minister Japhet Hasunga (Mb) made the remarks today on 24 August 2019 while representing Prime Minister Mr Kassim Majali opening the TCCIA's annual general meeting in 2019 while adding that the government has made a special decision this year to eliminate service delivery of TBS and TFDA agencies to minimize disruption to Businesses.

He said these were the first steps and called on the TCCIA to ensure that traders abide by all the rules, regulations and procedures put in place to eliminate all possible inconveniences when doing business.

He stated that the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Mr John Pombe Magufuli launched the Second Agricultural Development Program (ASDP II) on June 4, 2018. Recognizing the importance of the Private Sector, one of the major improvements to ASDP II compared to ASDP I is to give it a greater role in the Private Sector.

He added that it is high time to identify specific areas that the TCCIA Institute will continue to make a significant contribution to implementing the program so that it can achieve its goals.

Hasunga said that in order to ensure the improvement of the business environment in the country, the Government in conjunction with the Private Sector prepared a special document, "Blue Print" which was launched, also a plan for its implementation has been developed and implemented.

"It is now the responsibility of all parties - the Public and Private Sector to ensure that all the provisions of the document are properly implemented."

He also said that the government has continued its efforts to revitalize Regional and District Business Councils which has already set up Guidelines for those Councils of which the TCCIA is the Secretariat.

Minister Hasunga has urged the participants to take advantage of the opportunities that are being implemented by the Government in the country, in particular the modern rail infrastructure, the Nyerere dam electricity project, modern roads, fuel pipeline, aircraft purchases.

He said that the Opportunities through the Local Content Policy and being native have a great opportunity to benefit from it.

That said, the projects are many and will take longer to be implemented in different phases. "If for one reason or another you did not get the opportunity to work on one project for a number of reasons including a number of features then I advise you to plan well for future projects, do not despair" emphasized Hon Hasunga

He said that the government recognizes TCCIA's good cooperation with various UN (UN) institutions including UNDP, UNIDO, FAO, UNV, UNESCO, ILO, and ITC, as well as other development partners such as Trade Mark East Africa.

These partnerships through the NTBs Reporting and Monitoring System and the issuance of Electronic Certificates of Origin (Electronic Certificates of Origin) have greatly helped the removal of non-trademark barriers (NTBs ).

In addition, TCCIA has partnered with other Stakeholders such as VSO, ENGEN, USAID, East African Trade Hub, BMZ, KOICA, JICA, TRIAS and DANIDA through Local Investment Climate (LIC) to strengthen trade and dialogue with the public sector. I uniquely congratulate you on those collaborations


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