Is the last era of Haji Manara Simba SC ?, his meeting suddenly canceled, apologizing to the media ”

Lion club official, Haji Manara canceled his meeting with reporters he planned to do this today at the Serena Hotel.

Through his Instagram account yesterday, Manara announced a meeting with journalists at the Serena hotel in Dar Es Salaam but suddenly this morning he has postponed it, citing reasons that are beyond his control.

"Sorry to the Press, the Press that was held today at the Serena Hotel has been postponed after an emergency happened which is out of our control. We will inform you what will happen to Haji Manara."

Haji Manara's message yesterday announcing to the media that tomorrow (today) he would hold a meeting with them to discuss various issues.

"Tomorrow on Tuesday 27/8/2019 at six o'clock in the afternoon, at Serena's five-star hotel in Dar es Salaam, I will talk to the media," wrote Haji Manara.

Haji Sande Manara has added ”The conference will be held at the three-story hall located inside the hotel. The conference will be broadcast live by @azamtvtz via Azam sports two and also on my Social Media Page
Very soon. ”

In recent times there has been no particular clue about the role of the Lion SC officer in charge of Haji Manara allegedly already being leaked to another person who will soon be announced.

However this is the second time in recent times, with Haji Manara planning to hold a press conference and then failing it seems that even today his meeting clearly knew it would not be possible.

The eyes and eyes of soccer lovers and Simba fans are eager to hear anything from the leadership especially about the position of Information Officer as well as the results they received at the African championship game after the disgraceful release of UD Songo especially compared to Lion's registration , the breadth of the squad, their potential and the goals they set for themselves this season that was to reach the semi-finals after last season did well in the tournament.

Just a question to ask, where is Lion SC?

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