Lugola Wants Police Police to Do Justice to Citizens

By Felix Mwagara, MOHA, RING.
Interior Minister Kangi Lugola has arrived in Iringa today and called on the Regional Police Force to do justice to their work.

Lugola made a two-hour tour of the region, traveling to Rukwa Region for a five-day tour of the region.

Speaking at a meeting of Regional Police officials, Lugola said he had come to meet with the officials on his way, with the aim of tracking the workload as his own routine since he had led the ministry.

Lugola said the purpose of his visit to Rukwa region was to monitor his directives to the security and security agencies within his Ministry, and he would conduct similar visits to all regions in the country.

He said he hopes to visit all the districts of the region to listen to the concerns of the public through various public meetings to be held in the districts.

"I look forward to starting the official visit tomorrow, August 10, 2019 in Sumbawanga by meeting with the Regional Commissioner and the Regional Security and Security Committee, receiving the Committee's statement, before commencing with the Head of Committees and later meeting with the Committee. The Politics of the Revolutionary Party (CCM) Region, and ended by talking to the Council of Soldiers and all the Ministers of the Ministry present in the city, ”said Lugola.

"I will hold a large public meeting in Sumbawanga City, from 10:00 to 12:00 pm, so I urge the people of the city to come out loud to listen to what I plan to tell them, and also give the public an opportunity to ask questions without fear, telling me their concerns and I will address them at the meeting, ”said Lugola.

Lugola said in a visit he made last year to Kigoma and in January This year Kagera Region, Arusha in February and Morogoro last week, found the people facing various challenges so he cannot sleep in office, he must visit the country to help the people solve their problems. many of them complaining to the Police against them.

"Through this session here in Iringa, I would like to ask the masses to come out in person, when they come out in bulk it helps to listen to their problems, which is what I plan to do on a nationwide tour, this really helps to know the various problems of the people as well as to look at the performance of my existing Institutions. within the Ministry, and certainly the government of President Dr. John Magufuli cares for his citizens and the manna follows them where they are, so that they can talk to their Government face to face, ”said Lugola.

Minister Lugola, after completing his visit to Sumabwanga, will go to Sumbawanga Village District where he will visit the Mollo Prison to resolve the land crisis and later address the public at a public meeting.

Minister Lugola, August 12, 2019, will make a visit to Kalambo District, and will end his tour of the Nkasi District with visits to the Northern and Southern provinces.

In all the districts he visits he will also talk to the public and the staff within his Ministry which is the Police Force, Immigration Department, Prison Force, National Identification Authority, Fire and Rescue Authority, as well as the Probation Department whose role The main purpose is to reduce congestion in the prison and to supervise inmates sentenced to alternative penalties by the Court or inmates who have received parole through community service law and to serve their prison terms out of prison

The directive issued by Minister Lugola soon after he was appointed to head the Ministry, is to be issued 24 hours at all police stations in the country, and also prohibited the practice of some Police patrols in the public, as well as the order for all motorcycles available at the stations to be removed.

He also instructed heads of entities to control corruption in the institutions they administer, and not to abuse staff in their institutions.

Lugola expects to end his tour on August 17 in the region and return to Dodoma to attend sessions of the Standing Committee on Parliament, Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security


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