Minister Lugola Receives Prison Board Statement

By Felix Mwagara, Dodoma (MOHA) Minister of Home Affairs, Kangi Lugola, has received a notice from the Prison Board's Military Production Board, calling on members of the Board to work hard to ensure Prisons provide adequate food through various projects owned by the Army. Minister Lugola inaugurated the Board on May 30, 2019, giving two months to the members of the Board, visiting various Army projects and informing him of the projects and their views. Addressing members of the Board after receiving their statement, at the Ministry's meeting hall in Dodoma, today, Minister Lugola said the information he presented was favorable despite a number of shortcomings which require further improvement. He said the Board has a variety of specialists who can bring about significant changes in the production of wealth and make it possible for the Army to feed itself through the various prison inmates. "I congratulate you on the good work, but I want you to do more work that will allow us to see the best plans for managing this organization that our board has launched," said Lugola. Lugola also called on Prisons to use Army specialists to test their plots to achieve more development and not partner with private companies. In turn, the Chairman of the Board, Retired Major General, Raphael Muhuga, said his Board for two months visited the beef cattle project Mbigiri, the dairy project Kingolwira, the U shadow project, the Idete Agriculture project, Kiberege agriculture and Isupilo Agricultural Project where the Board reviewed the existing properties, boundaries and history of the projects. "Also the other projects we visited are the Ludewa agricultural project, the Kitai agricultural and livestock project, the Mkwaya agricultural project, and the Board will continue to visit various Army projects and continue to report," said Muhuga. And the Secretary-General of the Ministry, Major General Jacob Kingu called on the Board to conduct an in-depth review of the Agency's assets so that the information could be more realistic and bring about stronger strategies for success. Some of the instructions given to Minister Lugola to the Board immediately after launching, called for the implementation of President John Magufuli's directive on the adequacy of prisons as well as the board to ensure that prisons are evaluated and obtained by using the Army's land surveyors. He also directed the Board to visit all prisons with the Agency's projects, and to develop a strategy for finding investors such as investors in fish farming pools, and also the Board to provide new ideas to eliminate trafficking practices.

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