Minister Ummy welcomes SADC countries to be treated in Muhimbili, MOI

Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Ummy Master has welcomed SADC member countries to use the advanced care services available at Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH), MOHimbili Orthopedic Institute (MOI), Jakaya Kikwete Heart Institute (JKCI).

Ummy said this yesterday when she visited the MNH, MOI and JKCI pavilions hosting the industrial fairs at the International Master Julius Nyerere Hall (JNICC) for the 39th South African Development Community Conference (SADC) to begin earlier this week.

Minister Ummy said his ministry has appointed health professionals to provide services to members of the SADC summit who will need medical care as well as other citizens who will be present in the stadiums.

He has also called on SADC countries to access high quality MNH services such as kidney transplant, cochlear implant, interventional radiology.

On the MOI side, Ummy has called on SADC countries to access hip-bone fracture surgery, hip and knee surgery and knee, brain and spine surgery through small incisions.

JKCI has called on SADC countries to access electromagnetic therapy, coronary artery and open chest surgery to repair valves or vents.

“As the Ministry we have put health professionals here at the meeting place to provide services to members of the SADC countries. Our specialists at Muhimbili, MOI, JKCI and together at Lugalo Hospital are ready to cater to our guests who will face any health challenges, ”said Minister Ummy.

Minister Ummy has visited specialized clinics organized to cater to visitors and citizens who visit the SADC's 39th industrial exhibition and preparations.


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