Pastoralists Kick Off The Presidency Of The Ministers After The House Has Been Burned

Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Luhaga Mpina has canceled the evacuation and evacuation operations, livestock barns, fishing camps Three Citizens of Babati Village in Manyara District and formed a team of experts from 8 Ministries to monitor the implementation and submit report to the government for further decisions.   The operation, which took place in July this year, has left many people homeless as a result of their homes being burnt down and now living under trees, which has caused a lot of trouble for pregnant women, children and patients.   Their livestock have also been attacked by vicious animals and others lost after the barns have been set ablaze, fishing operations have stopped after camps and fishing equipment have been set on fire which has caused a great deal of frustration for the people and failure to know what to do.   Speaking at a public rally held in Triple Village and attended by Babati District Commissioner Elizabeth Kitundu, a large number of citizens protested in front of Minister Mpina expressing their sadness over the atrocities committed by the district government and asking them to help them return. in their previous lives.

They said apart from the effects also the food storage they had in their homes has been burnt down so they do not have enough food and asked him to deliver the cry to President Dr. John Alcohol Magufuli to get immediate food assistance to help them survive starvation during this difficult period.   Minister Mpina questioned how the operation should be carried out amid the ban on President Dr. John Alcoholics on January 15 this year to suspend all evacuation operations in areas claimed to be the reserve until it is decided otherwise.   Minister Mpina also questioned whether the operation should take place in the area with a Court ruling that removed the Three Hills Village to the Wildlife Conservation Community in Burunge (Juhibu) where the ruling was neither appealed nor rescinded by the Court.   Minister Mpina also questioned how the operation of livestock removal should be done without involving the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries as the Laws, Regulations and guidelines regulate the situation that caused many livestock to suffer from lack of essential services including vaccines, medicines, water and grazing and causing livestock loss and death. causing huge losses to the breeders nation.

Minister Mpina explained some of the defects of the operation including not having done a detailed assessment of the population, households, livestock and other assets before the operation took place, the lack of necessary operational documents and weak relations between the pastoralists, the NGO and the Investment Company Lorge's Fountain in France.   Minister Mpina said another defect was the incompleteness of the land use plan as if it were completed it would have been the source of conflict in Three Hill Village and 9 other villages that make up Burunge Wildlife Reserve.   Minister Mpina also warned the leaders of the Tanzanian Breeders Association not to engage in actions to encourage violations of the law of the land and if there are important issues affecting herders to follow proper ways of meeting the relevant authorities in seeking redress, He also urged pastoralists across the country to comply with the law.   Congress Party Secretary (CCM) Babati Rural District, Filbert Mdachi said CCM had heard the public's assurances that justice would be done and thanked President Mpina for arriving in the area to find a solution to the crisis which caused a lot of trouble for the people.   Babati District Commissioner Kitundu said he said the operation took place after alleged signs of disturbing the peace in the area and acknowledging receiving instructions from the region.

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