Prime Minister Invites Investors From Mauritius

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The Prime Minister, has invited businessmen and investors from Mauritius to join Tanzanians on investments in various areas including tourism, sugar manufacturing, clothing and fishing products.

He made the statement today (Wednesday, August 28, 2019) when he met and held talks with the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravind Kumar at the Pasfico Yokohama Exhibition Hall in Japan.

The Prime Minister said Mauritius has great potential in sugar production and they have a great opportunity to partner with Tanzanians in sugar cane and sugarcane production and Tanzania has a good and big land suitable for agriculture as well as a large domestic market. of land.

He said the investment in the sugar industry will help support the Phase Five Government initiative led by President Dr John Magufuli to make sure it eliminates the problem of sugar deficiency in the country.

Commenting on the tourism industry, the Prime Minister said Mauritius has done well in tourism and in particular that of using the beaches. "Since Tanzania has beaches and lakes, I believe cooperation in the area will bring us prosperity."

Regarding air travel, the Prime Minister has said that the time has now come for the Tanzania Airlines (ATCL) to start trips to Mauritius to attract more tourists to Mauritius to make the coastal tours more local.

With regard to textile industry, the Prime Minister has encouraged Mauritian traders to invest in the country mainly in the cotton and textile industries as Tanzania currently produces high quality cotton.

“Many Tanzanians have ended up investing in the cotton processing industry so they have to sell their cotton abroad and our colleagues in Mauritius have gone too far as they have textile and fiber industries. At present the Government of Tanzania has set a strategy for going into the textile industry to increase productivity. ”

He said he had now agreed with the Prime Minister of Mauritius to bring the Ministers of Trade and Trade of Mauritius and Tanzania together to hold talks aimed at persuading Mauritian traders to invest in textile and fiber industries.

Similarly, the Prime Minister has spoken about the Fisheries sector, in which he said that Tanzania has a large area of ​​lakes and lakes suitable for indigenous fisheries and has a large number of fish but is caught on a small scale due to poor investment in the sector.

He said that while the Phase Five Government is preparing the environment for fishing companies in the country, there is still room for foreign investors especially in Mauritius to come to Tanzania to invest in fishing.

For his part, the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravind has assured the Tanzanian Government that his country is ready to negotiate with the Ministry of Finance and Investment Societies to obtain sufficient information that will enable him to persuade his country's traders to invest.

The talks were also attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of East Africa, Professor Paramagamba Kabudi and officials from the Government of the Union of Tanzania and the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar

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