Recognize the first Tanzanian to be the Chief Financial Officer, Tigo Tanzania

History of Mr Rwetabura who is the Chief Financial Officer, Tigo Tanzania. He joined Tigo's company with extensive experience derived from serving in various senior positions in other companies in the telecommunications industry.

According to her description, accounting is in her blood. Yes, the fact that accounting goes hand in hand with a lump sum, but its motivation is not based on the pay or benefits of the profession, but rather on the motivation that a good accountant stems from the fact that this job is exciting professionally.

His journey in the accounting and finance industry began when he was taken to work shortly after graduating from the University of Dar es Salaam in 1998.

For the first time he entered the employment industry as an assistant bank accountant, Citibank. With only a few months since her appointment, Price water house Coopers (PwC) phoned her to work with her and she seized the opportunity. “Although the environment and benefits were very good at Citibank but the expectations he had for working at PwC were much better. I needed to be where the performance is. PwC was my way to become a professional accountant in an environment that offers a high level of accounting expertise, ”said Mr Rwetabura.

It is quite clear that Mr Rwetabura is a man of high goals. He has served in various companies for many years. He has worked with PwC for almost two years. He then moved into Celtel (now Airtel) as a Financial Manager as a Auditor. When he began his career as a Finance Manager, Celtel's company was small. As the company grew, its position was promoted to Financial Controller.

After a year and a half, he was transferred to Sierra Leone to work for the same company and in the same position as Financial Controller. He successfully climbed various positions and reached the position of Financial Controller after one year.

His achievements have not been achieved at no cost. "Sierra Leone is a country that experienced civil war, and given the negative media coverage of the time, it was a challenge for my wife and family to accompany me despite repeated visits to me," he said. Mr Rwetabura.

Three years later, in 2010, Mr Rwetabura decided it was time to return to Tanzania.

Upon his arrival, he joined Zantel's company as Director of Finance. He held this position for almost two years before moving to G4S protection company. The reasons behind the move were that he was promised to take over the position of CEO, a position he was not offered.

After that he left the defense company and joined Helios Towers at a lower level. In time, the company decided to merge the finance department's units and thus was replaced.

Mr Rwetabura was given six months to straighten things out. While still planning the next step, the Tigo Tanzania telecommunications company phoned him and by 2015 his successful journey with the Tigo Tanzania telecommunications company started officially.

His life in the company of Tigo

Earlier Mr Rwetabura held the position of Financial Controller at Tigo. His personal conduct and profession contributed greatly in appointing Mr Rwetabura to the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He has been very successful since joining Tigo, including Operating Expenditure (OPEX) to the extent that it has boosted the company's profitability. ERCS), an initiative that has helped the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) collect electronic taxes and duties.

“The CFO's primary role is to protect and manage shareholder resources and to ensure that their interests are protected and protected. This role entails a high degree of strategic planning, implementation, management and management of all the financial activities of the company including budgeting and oversight, ”said Mr Rwetabura

“The CFO sometimes sees himself as a rival to the CEO and at the same time, an important ally. The CEO and his business team can come up with an idea, In order for the idea to be implemented the CFO must either agree with it or come up with an alternative idea that is better. CFOs have long been viewed as rivals. But now CFOs have begun to evolve and partner with the whole system with the aim of bringing positive results to the benefit of the company and shareholders, ”he added.

It is clear that, the environment of financial management is changing dramatically and it is important to meet the standards set in the world. The use of modern technologies is crucial in increasing efficiency and identifying indicators

dangerous in time.

“We must adapt to this pace of change if we want to move forward. For example, our financial statements must meet international financial reporting standards. (International Reporting Standards) Therefore, having a professional team not only in the finance department but also throughout the company is important. ”

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