SADC Leaders in Tanzania Are Home For - Dr. Abbassi

By Pascal Dotto-Details The spokesman for the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr Hassan Abbasi, said that the 39th Summit of the Member States of the Southern African Development Community - SADC for Tanzania's leaders is home.   Speaking at the 360-minute episode of Clouds TV, Drs. Abbasi said that Tanzania had a rich history in southern Africa since the liberation period, where Tanzania was used as a center for freedom fighters. "Many of these leaders are returning home, remembering that Tanzania was one of the three countries that established the South African Liberation Committee, Tanzania was the liberation headquarters and the Central Liberation Office is in Dar es Salaam. a great event for our country ”, Dr. Abbasi.   Dr. Abbasi said the conference, which is an opportunity for Tanzanians to prepare for its completion, is now ready to welcome visitors from SADC member countries, with some finalization by the organizing committee from SADC, Government of Tanzania, SADC partners and Sector. personally.   In addition, Dr. Abbasi said that SADC countries have had a strong agenda for implementing construction and industrialization, which emphasized the President of the United Republic of Tanzania. John Alcohol flags during the opening of the fourth SADC Member States industrial week.   “Mr. Magufuli believes in the Industrial Policy as Tanzania as we implement this Policy, not only in Tanzania but also in the SADC member states. The president will push for industrial development as he will be the Chairman of SADC, and as you know, member states are developing an agenda for growth and industrialization ”, Dr. Abbas said.   He said that industrialization is the pillar of development for member states and, like President Magufuli, emphasized that Africa must do business on its own rather than relying on trade with European countries. Thus, SADC is an opportunity for member countries to buy and sell goods to the community, if the country needs maize then Tanzania sells its maize in the Community to promote the market.   Dr. Abbas said that President Magufuli has been a leader who oversees what he believes in the development of his people and will now move to push the implementation of industrialization to member states.      Dr. Abbasi said that SADC countries should be able to produce raw materials and produce goods to maximize value, citing maize selling without processing a single shilling at 200 shillings. But if processed and producing flour, you can sell one kilogram for 2,000 shillings, therefore the agenda of building the processing plants will be well managed and will increase the value of the product inside and outside the Community.

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