Tanzania Accounting Institute (TIA) Upgraded to Five Year Plan

The government has pledged to provide sufficient funding for the improvement of the Tanzania Accounting Institute (TIA) infrastructure to increase student eligibility including adequate accountants as the National Five-year Plan directs.

These were noted in Dar es Salaam by the Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Khatba Kazungu, during his professional visit to the Ministry of Finance and Planning at the Ministry of Finance, identified the challenges of implementing the agency's budget for 2018/19.

Dr. Kazungu said that the TIA Institute is facing a severe budget deficit which has caused some of its infrastructure to be incomplete in time and thus reduced the level of student eligibility.

"The goal of the five-year National Development Plan is for the nation to produce enough accountants to leverage economic development and other developmental areas, the goals that are expected to be enhanced by the institution's infrastructure", explained Dr. European

He said that the infrastructure highlighted for the current financial year includes student dormitories, classrooms and staff offices, as well as looking at the possibility of adding lecturers based on courses offered which will keep pace with the increase in students.

In turn the Acting Officer of the TIA Institute Mrs. Luciana Hembe, explained that, the move by senior leaders to visit the institutions they lead and see the reality, adds to the staff morale as it solves many budgetary challenges.

He said that the TIA Institute is fully committed to ensuring that its graduates have sufficient expertise to withstand labor market competition domestically and abroad.

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