The Ministry of Land in collaboration with the Prime Minister establishes a Commission of Inquiry Against Staff 183

The Ministry of Land Housing and Residential Development, WILIAM LUKUVI, said the ministry had formed an investigative team that would be subject to the PCC, including defense and security agencies, to investigate 183 employees who were suspended for interfering with the irrigation system and collecting the land tax.

Minister Lukuvi made the remarks today in Dodoma in a press conference, commenting on the suspension of 183 ministers of the ministry, saying the government had questioned the system and made an assessment.

The six-month review revealed that people were required to pay a caveat rate but the amount entered into the treasury is small compared to the rate canceled in the payment system indicating that the rate has been paid.

He said as a result of the audit the Ministry through the secretary-general of the Ministry formed a team that would be under the PCC and other security agencies to investigate the matter and other irregularities that would appear in the investigation.

Minister Lukuvi has used the opportunity to congratulate the people in particular on the Kahama District in Shinyanga Region and Mtwara Region for demonstrating cooperation to provide information on honest land servants.

In addition, Minister Lukuvi has alarmed the country's population due to the large number of suspended land officials saying government actions at the offices will continue as usual.

He has also called on the public to use the electronic system to pay the tax on the caveats to avoid corruption, and has said that all those who paid for the cave payment were canceled out of the system and those who entered the deficit will all pay the remaining amount to complete the payment even if they have paid.

However, Minister Lukuvi has cited the issue of the owner of the Mbeya Hotel where he was reduced to 20,234 square meters in size but on a payment system he paid 502 Square Meters instead of 20,234 since 2002. clever and a land servant.

So he had to pay more than Tshs.6 million a year, due to a conspiracy he had contracted with a system man instead they are paying him only 63,000 since 2002 alone a year and with real payments the government owes him more than Tsh 68 million.

The Examination Team will start work from Next Week on Tuesday where it will conduct a 30-day examination

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