Yanga head coach Mwinyi Zahera says 'These Township Rollers why we just beat them, I have prepared more than three interruptions'

Yanga head coach Mwinyi Zahera said his team would fight to win a return in the Champions League against Botswana's Township Rollers to be played tomorrow in Gaborone. When the teams met in the first game played on August 10 this year, the National Stadium in Dar es Salaam, Yanga forced a 1-1 draw. The return game will be more difficult especially for Yanga, given the Rollers' advantage after scoring a goal.

Yanga needs any victory or a draw from the two goals to secure the first round of the tournament. Recognizing the seriousness of the task ahead, Zahera promises that his squad will emerge victorious in the game due to the excellent preparation they have done towards the game. He said the few-day camp they set up in South Africa was specific for braving the final victory tactics before going down the field tomorrow.

"We are well prepared for the game, every player is on the verge of telling our fans, but expect a better win than any other match. "In all our games that we have played with international teams, none of which we have lost so there is no need to worry, the players are determined to play dead and recover to make sure the team emerges victorious to move forward in the tournament," he said.

Zahera added he has prepared three more finals which he is sure will put the Rollers in front of their 22,500 fans who will come out to witness the fight based on the stadium's capabilities. "I have a lot of good players in my squad, that gives me a chance to make different choices, but in this game, I will play more than one stop to distract our opponents. "We need to make a final attack in the game, so we have to have more than one tactic to win, I know some of our players are a threat, I have prepared others and given them responsibilities to ensure victory is achieved in the game," said Zahera.

The two teams met last year to qualify for the group stage of the Champions League in which Yanga were awarded a 2-1 draw by the Botswana champions. Yanga started by conceding a 2-1 draw at home, before being forced into a draw in the return game.

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